A short story on a school candy dealer called sugar daddy

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The shooter waited a little while longer and then approached Susan. The girl's feet were six inches off the floor. It had seemed like a great idea at the time. The woman often ends up begging for the rapist to continue and then has multiple orgasms. I suppose one criticism you could make of the family was that they drank too much.

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Torture The Widow

I soon discovered that the girls had two gauzy pullovers that made what they were almost wearing legal in most states. The General and Lois presented me with a pair of stunning diamond earrings to wear to the party. Yet even today you find that nobody wants to talk about those drugs and where they came from.

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Mf, inc, rp, rough, v Grandma's Farewell Party - by MLG - Grandmother had lived a full 60 years, and done just about everything she ever wanted. I appear to have died tonight of a massive heart attack.

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Basketball robots and flying cops

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Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on palmolive2day.com In partnership with Commonwealth Writers, Granta publishes the regional winners of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize.

Sugar Daddy

Ingrid Persaud’s ‘The Sweet Sop’ is the winning entry from the Caribbean, and the overall winner of the prize. The story is also the winner of the BBC National.

A short story on a school candy dealer called sugar daddy
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