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Kevin has since represented OfficeMax in three transactions in St. During this case study, I learned that even brands that seem dry can find ways to engage like superstars. Deal Maker lets you set up a deal in 6 minutes and gives you immediate access to your revenue.

A functional and efficient building that facilitated staff interaction and satisfaction were key components of the design brief. Our recruiting team worked around the clock and throughout the weekend to lock down potential candidates.

Once we saw our Store Visits reports, we were able to attribute a 3X return on spend to our digital campaigns. Tobin Development has ongoing projects in Illinois, Indiana and Florida. Their Facebook presence, which is the primary vehicle for Elf Yourself, is clean with a pretty good engagement.

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The FTC backed this up with a bunch of evidence from Staples own internal documents, which showed that Staples pretty much took this view itself, and with empirical analysis that predicted price increases if the merger were to go through.

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Office Depot The Business Pain After finalizing a company merger, our client, Office Depot, wanted to integrate the people, processes and accounting functions into one cohesive entity by combining both headquarters in Florida.

The relocation and consolidation would require two different accounting systems to run parallel until a structure integration was complete — a challenge further complicated by significant attrition due to the relocation requirement.

OfficeMax has also been impressed with its new surroundings. Office Depot Attracts On-the-Go Shoppers With Local Inventory Ads February "Local inventory ads provide us with a unique opportunity to offer products that customers are searching for and assure them there is inventory in a store nearby," says Buscarino.

Amber Lee Dennis Last Modified: Their Facebook presence, which is the primary vehicle for Elf Yourself, is clean with a pretty good engagement. Preparing for the new season? As a whole, OfficeMax seems to invest wisely in their social platforms. Office supply superstores have been struggling to stave off competition from online retailerswhile also dealing with the slow decline of paper products as offices become increasingly digitized.

Louis, Detroit, and Puerto Rico. Design The new brand experience had to leverage a renewed focus on the SOHO market that the process identified as a potential new business driver. Two of the leases were build-to-suit transactions. One of the most engaging things a brand can do is make someone laugh.

During the first round of candidate interviews, Office Depot hired 14 out of 15 of our candidates to fill the senior positions. The program was to allow for greater flexibility in retail site selection and a platform to introduce new higher margin services and offerings.

A significant portion of the work from this project is undergoing a robust process redesign effort.


We provide our clients with real estate development, property acquisition and tenant representation services. Elf Yourself and Office Max enjoy skyrocketing annual engagement with fans, as well as acclaim in the marketing sphere.

By anthonyvirgilio brandcase studycontentdigitalSocial Media Case study: Goodman Solution The office and warehouse was designed to maximise operational efficiencies for OfficeMax while meeting sustainable best practice guidelines. As retail entered the new millennium, internet retailers like Amazon started to chip away at the would-be category killers by neutralizing their biggest advantage:OFFICEMAX TURNS THE PAGE ON THE DARTBOARD APPROACH, RELYING ON PITNEY BOWES BUSINESS INSIGHT’S LOCATION INTELLIGENCE TO PINPOINT PROFITABLE NEW STORE LOCATIONS.

CASE STUDY SUMMARY As a leader in both business-to-business office products, solutions and retail office products, OfficeMax. At the time of the case study inthe company, OfficeMax, was a publicly traded company and one of the largest office supply chains in the world, with retail stores around the globe (OfficeMax, ).

Transcript of Office Depot Case Study. Office Depot History Financial Information Founded in by F. Patrick Sher Fort Lauderdale, Florida In lateDavid I. Fuente assumed the post of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Office Depot had stores in 27 states.

Office Depot/OfficeMax Merger: Another Nail in the Coffin of Traditional Retail?

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Case Study of the Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Act ("SOX") On January 12,OfficeMax Inc. (OMX), the office products retailer, announced the resignation of new chief financial officer Brian Anderson. Case Study: FTC Investigates Staples’ Proposed Acquisition of Office Depot Office Superstore Industry Staples and Office Depot were retail chains that specialized in selling “office products,” which.

Case study officemax
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