Essay on rainwater harvesting

These measures are a part of the overall strategy to conserve soil and water. Even the most efficient agricultural systems and practices inevitably lead to nutrient loss unless supplemented with fertilizer brought in from elsewhere — this nutrient-loss is especially pronounced with GMO genetically modified food agriculture.

Tamil Nadu state government has declared on 30th of May to establish around 50, rainwater harvesting structures at various places in the Chennai. Most of the important animals and plants species have been lost because of the water contamination.

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This refers to Essay on rainwater harvesting or channeling of water into low-lying areas. Bangladesh[ edit ] Historically, water sources in Bangladesh came from surface water contaminated with bacteria.

The tread of cattle hardens the soil and prevents new shoots from emerging. Reduced vegetation and ground-cover leads to a general drying-out of the soil — which over time leads to lower levels of rain.

In India, nearly 80 mHa area is exposed to the threat of soil erosion, and 43 mHa area is actually affected. It is of more importance to the drought regions of India and other countries to supply the demands of water for various purposes.

Essay on Rainwater Harvesting

Movement of soil by splash erosion is the primary cause of sheet erosion. With the loss of related wild species much genetic diversity is lost that could potentially be used to address future outbreaks of disease and to increase resiliency.

Whenever it rains, rain water gets collected into the man made ponds or tanks. However, the ground water level is getting less day by day because of the rapid urbanization and cities development at huge level as well as reduction in percolation of the rainwater to the ground.

If rainwater harvesting had been used, things would have been different. Recharge of rainwater to the ground prevents sea-water immersion into the freshwater bodies in the coastal areas. Recharge of rainwater to the ground prevents sea-water immersion into the fresh water bodies in the coastal areas.

Essay on Soil Erosion: Factors, Types, Causes and Effects

Water conservation has become the need of the day. It is to bring the old tradition of water conservation among people. And is well known for its large stone monuments, called moai. When vegetation is dense and strong there are other benefits like checking of soil erosion, soaking in of water when rain falls directly on the open area.

Importance Of Rainwater Harvesting

One way is to bring more and more area under irrigation. It is estimated that 1 meter rise in the water level saves around 0. Rainwater recharged to the ground positively affects groundwater quality by diluting fluorides, nitrates and its salinity. Also forests on slopes have been cleared at places to make way for plantation crops.

These include the following: The infiltration and permeability of the soil is improved by the practice of proper tillage and thereby reducing the chances of erosion. Rain Water Harvesting Essay 3 words Rainwater harvesting means collecting the rain water into the natural reservoirs or man-made tanks.

Water is often only available to those who can pay for it or those in political power, leaving millions of the world's poorest without access.

Rain Water Harvesting Essay

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We will help you write Essays. Effects of Soil Erosion:May 20,  · CHECK PRICE - Studybay is an academic writing service for students: essays, term papers, dissertations and. Rainwater harvesting is a way to capture the rainwater at the time of downpour, store that water above the ground or charge the underground water and use it later.

Image Source: Social Sciences Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on Social Sciences. Rain Water Harvesting Essay 3 ( words) Rainwater harvesting means collecting the rain water into the natural reservoirs or man-made tanks.

It is the technique to collect and store rainwater for various purposes in the future. Urban gardening is an important area often not given due attention. Commoning in city gardening by ‘ collective’ gardening methods not only imparts knowledge but also helps the city in.

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Essay on rainwater harvesting
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