Litmus milk procedural

Observe daily for 7 days for alkaline reaction litmus turns blueacid reaction litmus turns pinkindicator reduction, acid clot, rennet clot, and peptonization.

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Litmus Milk

If there is a blue solid, it may only be in the bottom with a fluid whey on top, then there is coagulation of casein result, a Basic reaction and a Curd. Please click the arrow above to hear our Usually, one can tip the tube and immediately tell if the tube is solid or not.

Bar graph on the right. Test tubes, conical flask, cotton plugs, inoculating loop, autoclave, bunsen burner, laminar flow chamber, dispose jar, incubator, litmus milk broth, isolated colonies or pure cultures of bacteria.


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If the tube is or was blue, check to see if there is is any clarification of the media, where the milk has become thin, as if watered down. Ben Max of Gotham Gazette explains.

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Litmus Milk Test

or revising an explanation. Science as exploration and experiment Science as argument and explanation. Communicating science explanations.

Individuals and groups of students analyzing and Groups of students often analyzing and. Milk sugar lactose, the milk proteins casein, lacto-albumin and lacto-globulin are the milk substrates that can be transformed by micro­organisms, bringing about changes in pH.

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In order to distinguish the metabolic changes, a pH indicator, the oxidation reduction indi­cator litmus is incorporated in the medium. The Litmus Milk Test, Atlas p. The Litmus Milk test is a rather complex test containing milk, litmus (a pH indicator), lactose, and casein (a milk protein) all of which can be metabolized by some bacteria.

Litmus milk also contains sulfur and many nutrients that are found in milk. Filter the aqueous layer remaining after extraction through a filter paper and wash filter paper with hot water until the washings do not affect the colour of blue litmus paper.

Place the filter paper on a watch glass or Petri dish and dry for 1 hour in an oven () at oC.

Litmus milk procedural
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