Overpopulation and its effects in china

Other methods that have been used by the Chinese government to restrict rising population totals include birth control programs and economic changes.

However, this problem can be reduced with the adoption of sewers. People around the world are beginning to address the problem by reducing their carbon footprint through less consumption and better technology. China has the highest population in the world, encompassing 1.

Explain the political implications associated with overpopulation. For example, after Karachi, Pakistan installed sewers, its infant mortality rate fell substantially. Furthermore, unplanned pregnancies or pregnancies without the proper authorization would need to be terminated Hilali 9.

Even more significant, however, is rising affluence level.

Human overpopulation

As difference between demand and supply continues to expand due to overpopulation, it raises the prices of various commodities including food, shelter and healthcare.

Social and political consequences.

Effects of Overpopulation in China Paper

The Chinese government has tried to find a solution to the problem of increasing population with moderate success. Human overpopulation Human overpopulation occurs when the ecological footprint of a human population in a specific geographical location exceeds the carrying capacity of the place occupied by that group.

Human overpopulation is among the most pressing environmental issues, silently aggravating the forces behind global warmingenvironmental pollutionhabitat lossthe sixth mass extinctionintensive farming practices and the consumption of finite natural resources, such as fresh water, arable land and fossil fuelsat speeds faster than their rate of regeneration.


Of the 14, infants born betweenonly about half have been with a legal birth permit Jiali Li Some are good ideas while others may be too invasive, but all are exacerbated by overpopulation. However, rich countries with high population densities do not have famine. Every day 3 people die from malaria - three out of four of them children.

As a result, the Chinese government has had to relax policies to include the "daughter-only-household" policy, which allows rural couples having a daughter first to be allowed to have a second child Jiali Li However, none of these have made a dent on the population.

Great Apes - the Road Ahead. Of those born with a permit, eighty-eight percent were first children born into families Jiali Li China is currently undergoing the most rapid case of overpopulation and urbanization any country has ever seen, leading to a multitude of environmental problems.

Although China's population growth has slowed considerably, its ecological footprint is increasing faster than ever before due to the country's rising affluence level.

The Effects of Overpopulation & Urbanization in China

Overpopulation in China China and overpopulation are two words that have become synonymous over the years. Overpopulation in China has become a global issue as China is the most populous country in the world and its contribution to the international community is extremely significant. Problems associated with overpopulation.

China has the highest population in the world, encompassing billion or twenty one percent of the world's population (P.R.B.

7). China faces serious social and economic problems associated with overpopulation in the years to come. *Note: The effects listed on this page are just some of the main problems associated with or exacerbated by human overpopulation. A comprehensive list of the effects of human overpopulation are beyond compiling and perhaps, comprehension.

China's Population By Roy Klabin | July 7, America and China's economic interdependence has prevented the two super-powers from going to war, but there have been frequent murmurs of disapproval on both sides regarding hacking, intellectual property, and aggressive international resource grabs.

CHAPTER 3: Effects of overpopulation 26 Population and Climate Change: Degradation on the Environment Urbanization 27 Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Effect 30 Global Warming 34 China’s population before and after one-child policy 19 Figure 4.

Overpopulation in India

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Overpopulation and its effects in china
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