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Speech on Moral Values: Importance of Moral Values in Life

In any case the national Government will educate the German people in this spirit of a desire for freedom. However, in modern times, religion has become a less effective and powerful tool in guiding people's morals and values as it once was.

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Only last year a court permitted the death by starvation of a handicapped infant. And we can answer with creative nonviolence the call to higher ground to which the new directions of our struggle summons us.

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Well " "They told us we wouldn't get here. The other day in the East Room of the White House at a meeting there, someone asked me whether I was aware of all the people out there who were praying for the President.

And he couldn't help but ask, he said, "But wait, how, there's something wrong, how do I get this mansion while that good and holy man only gets a single room? Money causes people to be immoral and participate in activities that are illegal.

They try to repeat what they observe, and this practice builds their character in the course of time. A freeze at current levels of weapons would remove any incentive for the Soviets to negotiate seriously in Geneva and virtually end our chances to achieve the major arms reductions which we have proposed.

Our nation, too, has a legacy of evil with which it must deal. The Government of the Reich is ready to cultivate with the Soviet Union friendly relations profitable to both parties. In principle, the Government will not protect the economic interests of the German people by the circuitous method of an economic bureaucracy to be organized by the State, but by the utmost furtherance of private initiative and by the recognition of the rights of property The national Government is ready to extend a hand in sincere understanding to every nation that is ready finally to make an end of the tragic past.

I teach in a Catholic school in Thailand, and learning moral values is built into all of our lessons. The students look at them as their ideal. Seldom do I hear or read about moral values as being part of the curriculum. They will become doctors, politicians, business-person, engineers, scientists, etc.

Several years later, it was revealed that he had conducted a four-year-long extra-marital affair with fellow Conservative MP Edwina Currie in the s. The commandment given us is clear and simple: This essay sample was built according to academic standards and proper formatting rules.

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We have been drenched by the rains. We are taught at a young age to be good, honest, and respectful. The advantages of a personal and political nature that might arise from compromising with atheistic organizations would not outweigh the consequences which would become apparent in the destruction of general moral basic values.Speeches on the importance of moral values in life have certainly become relevant in the 21st century.

If you need to write a speech on moral values for today's audience, it will undoubtedly be necessary to bring a well-researched and. Speeches on the importance of moral values in life have certainly become relevant in the 21st century.

If you need to write a speech on moral values for today's audience, it will undoubtedly be necessary to bring a well-researched and thought out argument to your paper.

Background. King delivered the sermon to a large Baptist church in Detroit in late Februaryjust days after finishing his final comprehensive examination and a few weeks before the graduate school approved his dissertation outline.

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10 Speeches on Morality

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Included are these renowned speeches: We stand today on the edge of a New Frontier - Ask. Sample of Speech About Values in Life. Morality is included in all spheres of public life due to the ability of men and society to expose the moral assessment of all aspects of social life (economic, political, spiritual, and so on), and to give moral support to the economic, political, religious, scientific and aesthetic aspects of society.

Moral Values: Importance of Moral Values in Student Life Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On October 18, By Sanjoy Roy Moral Values are the worthy ideals or principles that one follows to distinguish the right from the wrong.

Speeches on moral values
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