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Smaller or temporary special purpose organizations are sometimes formed, each specializing in a product, service, customer, or region. Top management must have commitment to and knowledge about the goals of the program and must actively participate in the management of the effort.

Improper payments was a repeat issue, and this needs to be eliminated. A sense of instilled values 4. There are formal operating plans already in place for the VA, and these are submitted annually.

If the employee has a positive outlook and possesses the skill sets to do the job, the task will be accomplished.

Term Paper on Organizational Development

This brings me back to my current place of employment and the many changes that upper management is always trying to create more sales and customers; maybe they need to reexamine how their OD is working or not working in some stores. It may initially appear that job specialization makes sense as an employee is assigned at a specific position and his or her skill sets are developed toward becoming a specialist at the job position.

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The largest company in its industry, Western Union has serviced cash payments for thousands of well-known corporations for more than one hundred years.

It is also known as a product or divisional structure. There is no CFO equivalent at the highest levels of this organization. The second recommendation is to elevate the status of the financial office within the VA.

A good example of technological change is the adoption of robotics to improve production efficiency in the automobile industry.

It is no surprise, then, that there are shortfalls with respect to VA operations no meeting the objectives set out for the organization by Congress. Successful structural changes are accomplished from the top down. One of the cultural elements will be a continual learning plan.

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OD is both a professional field of social action and an area of scientific inquiry. All of these things in retrospect will also help in assuring and strengthening alliances and outside 5 Running Head: People develop passion when they see that what they are doing is making a bigger difference.

So, in order to remain a profitable company, it should develop all the time. Next we venture onto the delegate phase where teamwork and alliance is included in the organizational leadership and management of informing employees of duty and position changes that may result from the change.

Paving the way to job satisfaction it will maximize the probability of productivity.

Organizational Development

As those objectives are identified, management can proceed to do a better job at aligning individuals with the organizational objectives. This organization has suffered from a culture that is not sufficiently accountable -- there is a will to do better, but the results are not always there.

Technology change relates to the organization's way of doing its work. When it comes to the expectations of the employees the coordination phase would be used to allow organizations to develop and present them to the employees and how these rules must be followed to ensure the effective and successful change.

Using this phase in personal and professional goals would result in the finalizing of the timeline for the goals and achievements, benefits and how the goals can be reached. In order to organize the process of production one should be good at human psychology, sociology to be able to create a healthy atmosphere in the office which can stimulate employees to work hard.This paper will also clarify the process of organizational development, ascertain the philosophies associated with organizational development, and describe the environments necessary for successful organizational development.

Organization Development (OD) is the application of behavioral science knowledge to improve an organization's health and effectiveness through it's ability to cope with environmental changes, improve internal relationship and increase problem-solving capabilities.

Organizational Development Term Paper: Organizational development is the process which is aimed at the improvement of the work and functioning of the company and its staff.

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Every businessman should know that business should exist in the constant development, because the global market is very dynamic and requires quick decisions and solutions.

This paper will also clarify the process of organizational development, ascertain the philosophies associated with organizational development, and describe the environments necessary for successful organizational development.

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Term Paper on Organizational Development

Organizational view point is that human resource development is a process in which the employees of an organization are motivated to acquire and develop technical, managerial and behavioral knowledge skills and abilities (John ).

Term paper organizational development
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