Towards a sustainable reclamation for hk

But once such a decline is discovered, remedies may be too late. More rarely, caves developing along weaker zones from opposite sides of a narrow promontory or headland have merged to create sea arches through the cliffs.

The Cretaceous rocks are reddish-brown, thickly bedded conglomerates, greyish red sandstones, and reddish purple siltstones that were originally laid down as beds in two main geological settings. Offshore sand became the preferred fill option in the s, pioneered by two important projects. Your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Surface outcrops of bedrock are common Towards a sustainable reclamation for hk the granitic rocks. Several projects, such as the the Tseung Kwan O New Town development, involved both major site formation and reclamation. Together, these activities have had a profound effect on the onshore topography, the shape of the coastline, and the drainage pattern of Hong Kong, not only in the urban areas, but also in many of the New Territories villages.

Over the succeeding years, the rate of reclamation increased almost exponentially. Several early reclamations were carried out using sand from offshore sources.

As predetermined campus geographic work areas were finished, we provided the new GIS model to aid our survey teams with field investigations, supplementing the data with record drawing reviews to verify subsurface utility engineering SUE locations and capture related utility information.

Why East Lantau is the best spot for reclamation

Escarpments, at both small and large scales, occur when the beds are inclined so that they form a gently to moderately dipping slope the dip slope in one direction, with a very steep, near vertical slope the scarp slope in the other direction e.

However, close observation along the rock faces will reveal that, at certain locations, the columns are inclined or have a shallow S-curve Figure But even that projection overstates likely population growth, because our birth rates and death rates will change.

Many large reclamations were carried out using weathered rock obtained by cutting back into hillsides. Volcanic rocks give rise to a rugged, angular topography, generally with thin, silty, clayey weathered profiles Figure 1.

Our work consists broadly of two main areas: The study shows a tendency for the reconstructed watersheds to provide less moisture for evapotranspiration than natural systems.

In some places, erosion along weaker, less erosion-resistant, zones has resulted in concentrated areas of column collapse, and the formation of sea caves.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, now the world's longest sea crossing, was commissioned only last month. Surface outcrops in the volcanic rocks occur largely as cliff faces on the steep hillsides, such as are seen on Lantau Peak and Ma On Shan. Looking out to sea, the columnar-jointed tuffs can be seen displayed along the offshore islands, where they form very distinctive vertical cliffs that rise abruptly out of the sea.

If we assume those rates won't change, and that there will be no net migration, projecting Hong Kong's population growth over the next three decades gives us a city of just 7.

The Hong Kong Country Parks shaded in yellow.

Government plays down Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge island problems

By braiding the clothes rather than sewing them, the functional bonding of the fabric also doubles as a decorative element. For a long-lived species such as CWD, a decline may not be easily noticeable. We will also build Hong Kong's third core business district on the artificial islands, creating someemployment opportunities.

More recently, the Jordan Valley site formation included the removal of large quantities of rock Figure Pat Sin Leng Country Park — Sedimentary Rocks and Structures The Pat Sin Leng Country Park presents an excellent opportunity to examine a large escarpment, the associated drainage patterns, a waterfall, and recent natural terrain landslides.

Fourteen other surviving valley reservoirs were built in the following 88 years, the last being the Lower Shing Mun Reservoir, which was completed in The Jordan Valley site formation. In doing so, we uphold sound planning principles to continue to enhance the living environment for our people, facilitate the judicious use of land and other resources, strike an optimal balance between development and conservation, and preserve our pristine nature and rich biodiversity for our future generations.

By restoring the marsh to its historically-accurate condition, an intertidal habitat was created that promotes growth of native marsh grasses and withstands varying water elevations and salinity levels. At the beginning of the design process, we reviewed all planning assumptions and flow projections, and developed a comprehensive model of the future collection system to meet the needs of Yucca Valley.

These areas encompass most of the wild upland regions, extensive sections of scenic coastline, and large segments of the outlying islands, making them ideal outdoor laboratories for geological and geomorphological studies.

And if that is not enough, Hong Kong boasts an additional 2, hectares of industrial land which doesn't include land devoted to transport infrastructuremuch of which can be redeveloped relatively cheaply in the future.

USARoadX Program Responding to a recent population boom, Colorado Department of Transportation has taken a bold step to effect change and transform its aging transportation system by embracing technology.


Although if all the proposed projects were to go ahead, the total reclamation area would come to around 3, hectares. Kat O Hoi Figure 9and wave-cut platforms e. This is enabling the development of batteries with higher capacities and longer lifetimes.A stable supply of quality construction materials is essential for the upcoming reclamation projects – and for the many other infrastructure projects in the planning stage or on the horizon that will give shape and substance to Hong Kong in this 21st century.

Government plays down problems at HKBCF reclamation

The reclamation is good news for at least one hotel that towers above it. The room Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and unit Four Seasons Place strut out in front of all their competitors, contentedly gobbling up the views.

Green Map Hong Kong aims to promote sustainable living

As room numbers suggest, it’s a giant property – big rooms, massive multiple lobbies, high-ceilinged restaurants, an extensive spa you get the picture.

By examining the interconnected relationship between humanity and the environment we live in, this thesis aims to bring new sustainable design approaches to a toxic industrial area known as the Burloak Employment Lands in Oakville, Ontario. HKIA Debuts “Hong Kong Classics: Art, Culture and Music” Festival Celebrating Hong Kong’s Unique Cultural Blend of East and West to Enhance Traveller Experience.

Modeling hydrological processes in reclaimed landscapes is essential to assess the hydrological performance of the reclamation strategies as well as their evolution over time, and requires a reliable and continuous source of input data.

HONG KONG “Improving the quality reclamation of the harbour that threatens to overwhelm our greatest natural asset, and by a pace of earn- progress towards a better environment.

HK government has crazy plans for reclamations

Even in –– a momentous and challenging year for Hong Kong –– efforts continued.

Towards a sustainable reclamation for hk
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