Writing a gem with bundler description

This command does a couple of things. I mentioned earlier that Thor includes Actions which allow us to save input to disk among other things.

I think I'm gonna get some egg on my face A build on Travis is initialized when you push to your Github account, so do that now: Having 5 lines of XML code for 1 single dependency is kind of overkill!

Everything well documented on bundler. Clearing Cache If you need to get clean caches when your language or dependency management tool versions change, use a naming strategy similar to the previous example and then change the cache key names in your config.

Dependencies are checked, fetched, resolved and installed on each compile time. You might want to run Cucumber with different output. Travis provides this service by running tests on the code in a GitHub repository every time the code is pushed to GitHub.

Gem Specifications

Style and approach This book takes a step-by-step approach to Sinatra and explains it in a conversational and easy-to-follow style. You need a RubyGems.

rails s: Could not find rake-12 in any of the sources (Bundler::GemNotFound)

You only checkin the project file from your package manager. You can even configure it to deploy your code once a build is successful!

CocoaPods is a young project. We can follow along with other versions, but we might not get the exact same output. The following example updates a cache if it changes by using checksum of pom. Also make sure that your oc CLI client is installed and the command is accessible from your command shell, so you can use it to log in using your email address and password.

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Updating origin created repository: Next, test the prime? User authentication and package validation would be necessary to improve this.

Testers Write Tools — Sometimes With Gems!

Today, there are several tools that support BDD. The first step is to decide when a cache will be saved or restored by using a key for which some value is an explicit aspect of your project.

They'll ask questions like, "What's an example of a simple search? Issue tracker and wiki at https: It takes less then a minute! Spinach and Turnip in recent weeksI note that what the authors consider Cucumber's problems are often things I consider Cucumber's strengths.

For example executing tests, generating reports, generating JavaDoc, doing deployments and many other things which are, in other languages, done by other tools. There are still less then 1. With a little bit preparation a package can be published to PyPI with this 2 commands: Because this is the last line of the route handler, it will be returned automatically.

Following are some examples of caching strategies for different goals: If you intend to use Cucumber under Ruby on Rails 3. The Ruby version of Cucumber is still the reference implementation and the most widely used, but there are now versions for Java.

The possibility for a race condition still exists, but the details may change. I also want to add a prime?

Windows users:

Here is an example: This file contains the actually locked versions of the dependencies in the Gemfile and their transitive dependencies. It uses a maven repository as backend. More Software Testing Resources.Writing a Ruby gem is a lot easier than it sounds.

Many tutorials about writing gems recommend using something like (Jeweler or Hoe) bundler to create the structure of the gem for you.

Using such tools will make it much easier to get started with a gem, but building a gem from scratch will help you figure out how exactly those tools organize. Cucumber and Page Objects: Writing Great Browser Tests [].

This session will take you through every step of writing an automated test for WikiLove, a real feature on Wikipedia, from the requirements to the executable code. We'll start by crafting a plain English description of a software feature in the form of Given/When/Then statements for Cucumber.

Bundler detects our gem, loads the gemspec and bundles our gem just like every other gem. We can write our first test with this framework now in place.

For testing, create a new test file for every api (accounts to startwith) we want to test at the root of the test directory. A protip by jamesdullaghan about rails, nginx, unicorn, capistrano, deployment, and digitalocean. From start to finish, learn how to package your Ruby code in a gem.

Note: Many people use Bundler to create Gems. You can learn how to do that by reading the “Developing a RubyGem using Bundler” guide on the Bundler website.

Let’s Write a Gem: Part 1

Introduction. You’re using Bundler, right? If so, it’s a piece of cake to get started with HTTParty. Just add gem httparty to your Gemfile, run bundle from the command line, and you’re on your way.

Writing a gem with bundler description
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